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Tell the Truth Monday: Dan Quinn dealing with a bad Falcons teams

Another week of sad Tell the Truth Monday.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

As per usual, Jeanna Thomas attended Dan Quinn's Tell the Truth Monday. Also per usual, Quinn is running out of different ways to say this team is bad.

Quinn does not seem to be lacking enthusiasm, but with only three games left, seems to be out of ideas. Any big changes coming to the Falcons will likely be coming in the offseason.

The Falcons were obviously outperformed in pretty much every aspect of the game. Yet another week, and the Falcons are dominated at the line of scrimmage. The talent is simply not there.

These feel a little newer, because Atlanta has done a decent job of limiting big plays, and has not had a problem keeping it together. Watching it on television, it looked like the team realized they were not going to turn around the season and make the playoffs.

At the very least, at least the players still care. The last few years, the players looked defeated when they came out of the tunnel.

The style? I would like to think Quinn's style is a heavy run game, and not a "unable to score points" scheme. The offense has the talent but has terrible coaching. The defense does not have the talent but seems to have competent coaching. This problem is how you lose 7 out of 8 games.

Robert Alford had his worst game out of the year, and perhaps his entire career. He was targeted by Carolina and just melted down. But it is one game, and he has had a decent year. Quinn is right to not bench Alford. On another note, Jalen Collins did not play a snap yesterday. I do not understand that one.

Schraeder was benched after getting flagged and getting mouthy with the Panthers. The team lost their cool on Sunday, in part due to Schraeder.

Mbu is an interesting prospect who played well in preseason. He got his first snaps with Paul Soliai injured.

There is not a lot of other positives to take away, but that should be expected after a 38-0 loss. The Falcons are a very bad team, and have no realistic shot at the playoffs. The season is over.