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Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers post-game injury report: William Moore is an injury magnet

Fact: Willy Mo is always ready ... to get injured

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons don't just disappoint. They make disappointment into an art form. And I'll admit, I let my guard down this week. I considered the possibilities; that is, what it would take to get the Falcons into the playoffs. I actually convinced myself that the Falcons could win at least one of their two games against the Carolina Panthers. What a fool I am. But we can discuss that later. Here's your post-game injury report.

William Moore left the game with an ankle injury, garnering a "questionable to return" designation. I'll say this: watching the fall of Willy Mo is excruciating. He's basically made of glass at this point. We've discussed the likely conclusion of his tenure as a Falcon. He's not doing himself any favors. I know it's out of his control, but his injury streak is laughingly predictable at this point.

One thing worth clarifying. It doesn't appear Ryan Schraeder's departure late in the game was injury-related. He and Chris Chester may actually be in police custody by now. (The Charlotte District Attorney is considering charging them with the attempted murder of Matt Ryan.)

Your thoughts?