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Mr. Blank, it is time to fire Thomas Dimitroff

When it seems like this team has reached the bottom, they somehow manage to sink every week.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After the last three losing seasons, the fans need something to happen. After losing seven of their last eight games, the fans deserve answers. And after getting manhandled 38 to 0 against the Carolina Panthers, the fans should see these results as unacceptable.

The Falcons are an embarrassment. The state of the team is simply inexcusable. The worst three hours of my week are easily when the Atlanta Falcons are bumbling away winnable football games. Changes are surely coming to the coaching staff in the offseason. However, coaching changes during the season are always difficult to make.

Removing the engineer of this crumbling team can be done right now, however, and it is time that Thomas Dimitroff is fired. He had eight years to build a Super Bowl team. He failed. We have seen what Dimitroff can do, and it is not enough to keep his job.

The Falcons had only one player from their 2009 draft class play for the team after finishing out their rookie contract. The entire 2010 draft class is off of the roster. 2011 consists of Julio Jones and Matt Bosher. The 2012 class is entirely out of the NFL. After Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford, the team has received just about zero impact from the 2013 draft. The Falcons have already cut their 3rd, 4th, and 5th  and 7th round picks of last year's draft.

If you think that is ugly, free agency has been worse. Pick any year and you will find disastrous decisions. The personnel decisions have been confusing for years. Letting Curtis Lofton leave in free agency. Signing Sam Baker to a ridiculous contract extension. Paying Dunta Robinson big money, but letting Brent Grimes leave for a moderate contract. Paying Tyson Jackson as if he was a Pro Bowl player.

It is hard to remember all of the mistakes. All the blunders. The poor evaluation of the team's own players. This team lacks depth, talent, and potential. We could nitpick all of Dimitroff's moves and missed opportunities. In the end, it should come down to this: it is embarrassing and painful to watch this team. The man responsible should not return next year, and has no reason to stick around through the rest of the season.