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The Nate Stupar Mailbag: who's the fastest linebacker on the team?

Falcons linebacker Nate Stupar answers your questions about the Falcons and much more.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

What changes do you see coming to this team for the remainder of the season to help turn things around?

Nate Stupar: The only thing we have to do is worry about us. We need to continue to stick together as a family. That's the only way we can get through this; being together. We need to play as one and take care of the football offensively and take it away defensively, and special teams needs to create plays to help both sides of the ball out. We don't need change, we need to just execute better than our opponent. There is still a lot of football to be played.

Do you know if other teammates read the Falcoholic? Do any of them post on here under a clever nickname?

I don't know if there are any other teammate(s) that read the Falcoholic and definitely don't know if they post under a clever name, lol. I don't think that would be good if people knew their secret name they posted with.

Is there a linebacker in pro football that you respect for their ethics and athleticism? and why?

There are a couple linebackers that I respect for their ethics and athleticism, but mostly they are Penn State linebackers because one, I've played with them at PSU and two, played with them in the NFL. NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis were great teammates and mentors. Both extremely gifted athletes. Paul Posluszny is also a great teammate and a very intelligent one. I've learned a lot from him in the fine details of the game. Also my current teammate Paul Worrilow is an amazing worker. I don't know anyone else who works as hard as he does. He has earned everything that he has gotten.

One question, do you think you are you the fastest linebacker on the team?

I actually had this discussion with a couple of our linebackers already. In my mind, yes, I am. But that's my own ego at hand, lol. We had a lot of fast linebackers, but to go back to the combine days, I think Schofield is the fastest one we have.

Missed tackles have been an issue for the defense, but teams are only allowed to have so much contact in practice. How do you practice tackling?

I think we do a great job of working it in practice. Our linebacker coach does specific drills to help track tackling that keeps us sharp. We are in the NFL for a reason, and if you can't tackle, you won't last long. It's something that's built into us that we just know how to do it regardless of how much practice we get at it. It's just something you turn on once game day arrives.

Does the offense practice against the defense in practice? Which side wins more often?

Yes we do have periods where we go against each other, but mostly it's just scripted cards vs. the scout teams. But it goes back and forth. No one side dominates all the time. It's a constant battle of bragging rights, lol.