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Daniel Jeremiah: Vic Beasley an underperforming rookie pass rusher

The former scout and current NFL analyst is not impressed with the rookie.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Vic Beasley has had an uneven rookie season. Expectations for the eighth overall pick were high, but the results have been anything but. Beasley has looked good rushing the passer, and has done better than expected against the run, but he has not had a sack since week three of the season.

It was always expected that Beasley would need some developmental time. Former scout and current analyst Daniel Jeremiah is not impressed, and has Beasley ranked among the worst of the rookie pass rushers.

Beasley has impressive quickness off the edge, but he's still in need of a second move. He stalls when he tries to convert speed to power and he needs to do a better job of finishing ... aka convert pressures into sacks.

Jeremiah gives Beasley a C grade, good enough for second worst of rookie defensive players. He mentions some valid concerns for Beasley. His speed is absolutely insane, but he still needs to add some strength and develop a few more moves.

How do the other rookie pass rushers stack up? Bud Dupree notched an impressive B+. Jeremiah had plenty of praise for the athletic freak from Kentucky.

Dupree is still a work in progress, but he flashes on tape when you study the Steelers. He should be a double-digit sack artist next season.

That was quicker than expected. Based on his college career, Dupree looked to be a few more years out from that type of play.

Shane Ray should be a familiar name, as he was frequently linked to the Falcons before the draft. He earned a flat B, which is not bad for only having played a handful of games this season thanks to injury.

Ray hasn't stuffed the stat sheet, but he's made a couple big plays this season. I love his effort/upside and I believe the stats will soon follow.

Beasley is not exactly where many were hoping, but his lack of production is far from Atlanta's biggest problem. Pass rushers rarely make a big impact in their rookie year, but Beasley will need a productive offseason to prove he was worth that first round pick.