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Gerald McCoy: Falcons caught jogging on Jameis Winston's 3rd and 19 run

This one stings.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Dan Quinn suggested Monday that he wasn't too happy with the Falcons' effort on the disgraceful 3rd and 19 run that saw Jameis Winston, a supremely talented young quarterback who is nonetheless a very mediocre runner, pick up a first down and set the Buccaneers up to win the game. Buccaneer Gerald McCoy is only too happy to add fuel to the fire, per JoeBucsFan.

"Go back and look at the play and look at Jameis’ speed, and how he was playing, as opposed to look at the Atlanta Falcons and the speed they were playing at," McCoy said. "That had thought he was down, guys walking around, jogging to him. Even when he started running again, guys were just jogging, ‘Oh, we’ll get him down.’ And Jameis was running for his life. You could just see the difference in how he was playing opposed to how the other team was playing. I mean, you just, we want it, man."

That run needs to be a massive, massive wake up call for this defense. After backing the Bucs up and potentially earning a three and out, they cost themselves the game with poor tackling, bad angles, and if McCoy is to be believed, minimal effort. There are many starters on this defense who could find themselves in reserve roles or off the team entirely in 2016, and plays like that virtually ensure a shakeup.

The Falcons now play the talented Panthers, who feature a quarterback who can bull his way through much better defenses on 3rd and 19. They can't afford crap like this.