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NFL Draft 2016: Falcons would pick 18th if the season ended today

I hate to talk draft order this early, but we probably should.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I've avoided even mentioning the Falcons' place in the draft order thus far in 2015, but since they've dropped out of the playoff race for the moment, it's probably time.

CBS Sports has the Falcons selecting 18th at the moment, and a playoff spot would only swing them up to the 21 or 22 range. They're in somewhat of a no man's land at the moment as far as draft order goes, in other words, though if they keep playing as they are now, they're likely to slide into the lower teens. The team has its full complement of picks from Rounds 1-4 and a 7th rounder, but they're missing their 5th and 6th in 2016.

If you're looking for a reason not to go in the tank, here's a compelling one: There are 12 teams with a two-game or more head start on the Falcons, and a lot of those teams are legitimately worse than Atlanta, so chances are you're not getting in the top ten without a concerted effort and some lucky breaks. If the Falcons do miss the playoffs, I'm guessing you'll see them selecting somewhere between 14th and 20th this coming April.

Got your eyes on any players?