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Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers post-game injury report: ouch, Blaine, that hurt

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Fact: Blaine Gabbert's middle name isn't quarterback

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well that wasn't fun. There's just no nice way to put it. The Atlanta Falcons are now 6-3 heading into a much needed bye. How they respond to their third loss in four remains to be seen. For now, there were injuries, so we'd better break them down.

Robenson Therezie injured his hamstring in the first half but returned to the game. That'd prove to be invaluable, as defensive back injuries seem to be on sale or something. Tyson Jackson was also injured in the first half. He, like so many Falcons before him, left the game with a rib injury. His designation was "questionable to return" but found Jackson found his way back onto the field. He was running after Blaine Gabbert like there was no such rib injury. So that's good.

Jalen Collins went down in the 2nd half. He'd just been burned by Torrey Smith for a big gain. He was clutching his right hamstring. On the sideline, he appeared to be telling his teammates not to worry about him. Phillip Adams replaced Collins and promptly picked off Blaine Gabbert. Collins would eventually return, so whatever was bothering him obviously wasn't too serious.

Paul Soliai sustained a "head injury" late in the fourth quarter. Soliai was injured in last week's game too. The big man has played a big role this season in anchoring the Falcons new and improved run defense. Let's hope his injury wasn't serious.

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