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The Nate Stupar Mailbag: answering your questions about facing his former team and more

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Nate Stupar answers your questions about the Falcons, football, and life in general in our weekly mailbag feature.

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Falcons linebacker and special teamer extraordinaire answers your questions each week about the Falcons, life in general, and his exceptional season so far. You can follow Nate on Twitter @thenastynate54like him on Facebook, and check out his website,

How do you find equilibrium on a team when it seems the defense has to carry the offense at times? Do you get the support in the locker room? How is that dynamic?

Nate Stupar: We are a family. Some days the defense has to help out the offense. Some days the defense needs the offense. Things aren't going to go perfect all the time. We just need to continue to stick together and fight.

I'm sure you've seen the now famous tweet about the "weak" Falcons defense. Is that in any way a motivating factor or are the guys just laughing that one off?

Nate Stupar: We don't listen to outside noise. It has been and always will be about us. We take care of our business and our business alone. That's the only thing we can control. We prepare the same every week. We don't let things outside our control distract us.

Speaking of bye weeks...long time reader, first time questioner. What do you typically do on bye weeks?

Nate Stupar: Last year me and my wife traveled back to Jacksonville to move to Atlanta, since we didn't have time to at the beginning of the season when I got picked up. This year we are headed back to Pennsylvania to spend time with family since we rarely get to see them. I'm excited to be back home but can't wait to play this game tomorrow.

Also, after last year, whats it feel like to be one of the top 15, borderline top 10, defenses in the league?

Nate Stupar: It's really cool to be apart of a defense that had been playing well. Everyone does their job and makes the plays when they are needed. We've got a lot of great players of defense and we play together. I think that's what makes us special. It's not just about one person but about the defense as a unit. We play for each other and love doing it.

When I looked at this schedule at the beginning of the year, I made a note for those games we play outside and on grass. Which do you prefer? Are you more concerned about injury with outdoor Grass? (For some reason, I keep thinking of how bad Chicago's field is.)

Nate Stupar: I actually prefer grass fields. There's just a different feel of playing of grass. Love the smell and love the feel. Definitely easier on the knees too. I played on graas at Penn State and it was an amazing field. One of the best grass fields in the country.

Playing against a former team you were on, do you have more motivation in any way, or is it just an other Sunday to go out and do your best? If it were me, I'd like to show my former employers how much they SHOULD have paid me but that's an aside.

Nate Stupar: It's going to be fun playing against my former team. There are still a good amount of players on the team that I know. It'll be fun to go against them tomorrow. To me it's just another football game.

What's the one song that always gets you hyped for game time?

Nate Stupar: I listen to a bunch of Skillet songs that definitely get me pumped for games. Can't name just one.

Are you a man of the people who cuts his own lawn?

Nate Stupar: Yeah, I love cutting the grass. There's a peace doing it. I always treat it like art. Making the lawn look beautiful in the way it lays.