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Falcons vs 49ers 2015: Who to Watch Against an Old Rival

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You know whats almost as ugly as black and gold? Red and gold.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

O'Brien Schofield, Edge Rusher

With Vic Beasley questionable this Sunday, Schofield could be in for a big day. Arguably the best pass rusher on the team through the first 8 games, he should have a favorable match-up against a struggling 49ers offensive line. Joe Staley will provide a challenge, however, and that'll be interesting to follow.

Jacob Tamme, Tight End

Tamme has been an excellent offseason addition for the offense, and he's just now beginning to come into his own. The passing offense as a whole will suffer from Leonard Hankerson missing another week, but it puts forth a great opportunity for Tamme and Matt to put together another brilliant showing. Look for Tamme to put up numbers consistent with his last several performances.

Phillip Adams/Jalen Collins, Cornerback

Cornerbacks Phillip Adams and Jalen Collins will see the field more often than usual with Robert Alford healing up on the sideline this weekend. Adams and Collins have both played respectable ball during their limited snaps this season, and will have tough competition with Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith lining up across from them. Whether you're worried or not, these are valuable snaps for the rookie Collins.

Who are you watching? How are these guys going to do? Be sure to voice your blazing hot takes down below.