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Falcons cut former third round pick Dezmen Southward, promote cornerback Akeem King

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The Falcons are admitting defeat on a guy who was picked in the third round last year, and promoting a promising project at corner in the process.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons made an eyebrow-raising move earlier today, cutting ties with a former high-round pick.

It's a deeply disappointing end for Southward in Atlanta. He was selected in the third round in 2014 and was expected to be a bit of a project, but despite his size and speed, he couldn't make enough of an impression on Dan Quinn and his staff to stick around. With Robert Alford injured and missing the game, the signal this move sends is that Southward wasn't ready to contribute in any way, something they indicated by making him inactive multiple times this season.There's a chance he'll return to the Falcons practice squad for further seasoning, and frankly I'm rooting for him.

Akeem King's career in Atlanta is just getting started, on the other hand. The team likes his size and aggressive play style, and while he's undoubtedly got a lot of work ahead of him before he earns major playing time, he could see the field soon if Robert Alford is going to miss any time. King's got enough upside to eventually become a top-three cornerback for the Falcons, but for now, he'll hope to get some limited snaps as a backup when injury or need strikes. Don't be surprised if he's on the field for a little bit on Sunday against the 49ers.

Your thoughts on the move?