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Fantasy football advice for Falcons-49ers, a game where fumbles shall be common

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The Atlanta Falcons are excellent fantasy plays, in general, against the San Francisco 49ers.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are walking into a West Coast road trip, which is always challenging, but they're also locking horns with a 49ers team starting Blaine Gabbert, dealing with injuries, and generally looking pretty adrift. That makes the fantasy situation an interesting one.


QB Matt Ryan

It wasn't a stellar fantasy week, but two touchdowns and over 300 yards is a crisp, QB1 worthy game, and I think he's got that or better in him against the 49ers, especially because I expect Atlanta to have the ball a lot. Start him.

RB Devonta Freeman

Even in a down week, Freeman is one of the better fantasy backs going right now, and should remain so.

WR Julio Jones

Jones is going to eat again, because he's pretty healthy by all accounts and is facing a defense that is a shell of what it was even a year ago under Jim Harbaugh.

TE Jacob Tamme

You won't see last week's performance again versus San Francisco, but I think it's fair to expect 60-plus yards and a potential score, making him a decent Flex play if you're hurting.


The 49ers

There may be yards, particularly if the Falcons go up big early, but why would you start anyone from this offense? Bad line, bad play calling, Blaine Gabbert at quarterback, and a potential three-headed backfield featuring an undrafted free agent and two guys signed off the street. San Francisco may have some surprises, but you can't bet on that.

Falcons Defense

There's a good chance the Falcons will pick up some turnovers, but I expect some garbage time yardage and scores from the 49ers, even so. You're taking a risk if you play them.

WR Roddy White

You might consider playing Hankerson if he's healthy, but once again, I think anyone besides Julio and Tamme isn't going to have enough value to be worth a start. Roddy continues to be the best example, because he simply isn't being featured in the offense.