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Got questions for Nate Stupar?

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It's time, once again, to get your questions in for our weekly mailbag feature with Falcons linebacker Nate Stupar.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We're halfway through the 2015 NFL season, the Falcons are 6-2 and preparing to face the Blaine Gabbert-led 49ers, and Falcons linebacker Nate Stupar is ready, once again, to answer your questions again this week about the team and life in general.

Ask your questions in the comments or send them to us on Twitter and we'll pass them on to Nate. You'll find his answers on the site later in the week. Nate's been very gracious with his time, answering questions about the Falcons, the season so far, his own performance, the team's mindset, and even video games, food, family, and life off the field.

You may have questions about where the team's focus is following last week's loss to Tampa Bay, or about Nate's plans for the bye week. We can't guarantee that he'll be able to answer every question, but definitely ask away.

While you wait for his answers, you can follow Nate on Twitter @thenastynate54like him on Facebook, and check out his website,

What questions do you have for Nate this week?