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Falcons vs. Bucs Pro Football Focus scores

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A game with two disparate halves yields scores all over the place.

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Given the ugly first half and resurgent second half of the game against the Bucs, it's no surprise that the PFF scores for the Falcons are all over the place. There are some really strong scores along with some pretty terrible ones. Of all the games this season, this game has some of the most wild swings on both offense and defense. It was a tough loss, for certain, and these scores may highlight how we got there.


In what may be surprising to some, the highest score on offense belongs to QB Matt Ryan. His +4.2 overall score was certainly boosted by his second half performance. When you consider that his first half INT was partly attributable to TE Jacob Tamme running the wrong route, it's not as hard to see how he landed this score. The offensive line was pretty offensive overall, but Andy Levitre was the exception. His +3.9 overall was largely due to his dominant +5.7 run blocking grade. FB Patrick DiMarco continues to be a force, netting a +2.5 grade on the afternoon in limited snaps. Other positive scores: WR Julio Jones (+1.8), TE Jacob Tamme (+1.5), RB Devonta Freeman (+1.7).

On the flip side, the offensive line was a major sore spot on the day. Center Mike Person had the worst score, netting a -4.8 overall including a dismal -5.4 run block grade. RG Chris Chester and RT Ryan Schraeder both scored a -3.1, though Chester was hurt by his pass blocking (-3.2) while Schraeder was hurt by his run blocking (-3.0). RB Tevin Coleman didn't have a great day with his -1.2 overall, and neither did Roddy with his -1.1. Other negative scores: TE Tony Moeaki (-1.1), LT Jake Matthews (-1.1), WR Justin Hardy (-0.7).


There weren't any dominant scores for the defense on Sunday, but several players played "well" overall. The highest score on the day belonged to DT Adrian Clayborn with a +1.9 overall. He had a +1.4 run defense grade and a +1.9 pass rush grade, but his -1.4 penalty score held his overall score back. DT Grady Jarrett netted a +1.8 overall, primarily bolstered by his strong +1.8 run defense grade. He scored that in just 10 defensive snaps, making it that much more impressive. CB Robert Alford also had a good day before going out with injury, netting a +1.7 overall. Other positive scores: DE Tyson Jackson (+1.6), CB Phillip Adams (+1.3), CB Jalen Collins (+1.1).

Alternately, no player on defense struggled more than 2nd year DT Ra'Shede Hageman. His -3.6 overall was hurt by his dismal -3.8 run defense grade. CB Desmond Trufant had his first negative grade on the year with a -2.3 overall. Safety Robensen Therezie also struggled, as evidenced by his -2.0 overall grade. Other negative scores: DE Kroy Biermann (-1.6), FS Ricardo Allen (-1.4), LB Brooks Reed (-1.1), DE O'Brien Schofield (-1.0).

What are your thoughts on these scores for the Falcons?