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A podcast preview of Falcons-49ers, plus insight from Andrew Hirsh

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The FalcFans hosts break down the matchup ahead with a little help from a familiar friend.

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We're on to the 49ers, and the FalcFans podcast has your preview for the game ahead.

Aaron Freeman, who runs and has the longest-running Falcons podcast in human history, is joined as always by co-host and Falcoholic writer and analyst Allen Strk, and the two tackle Blaine Gabbert, Pierre Thomas, Julio Jones, and a raft of other players who might have an impact on Week 9's road game. If you're looking to hear someone break down the team's center play—and who isn't ,given how they've played?—this is your podcast.

This week, the duo discusses some of the key story lines of the season with Andrew Hirsh of, a former Falcoholic writer and noted Kyle Shanahan interview enthusiast. The trio breaks down Vic Beasley's first eight games, Mike Person's snapping, whether you should ever trust injury reports from NFL teams, and proper beard maintenance.

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