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Devin Hester injury: Dynamic returner and receiver reportedly cleared to return vs. Buccaneers

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He could give this offense and return game a genuine lift.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago, Devin Hester was absolutely dynamite against a woeful Buccaneers team, and he's returning in time to face them again.

You have to keep expectations for Hester reasonable, given that he's not a top-flight receiving option and we're not sure how rusty he'll be, but it's hard not to expect him to bring a lift. Eric Weems has been a perfectly serviceable returner all season, but Hester is a threat to run one back every time out if he's healthy, and teams will have to account for him on special teams in a way they just didn't have to with Weems.

On offense, the situation at wide receiver is dire enough that Hester can probably step right in and get looks as the fourth option in the passing game behind Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Jacob Tamme. I'm assuming Leonard Hankerson is going to miss another week, here, in case you're wondering. Hester's speed will let him stretch the field a little bit, and even if he's ultimately only targeted three or four times, he's another deep threat for a too-often punchless passing attack. Even if he's a very minor upgrade, upgrades are very welcome right now.

What are your expectations for Hester's return?