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Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings post-game injury report: linebacker injuries like whoa

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Fact: Nate Stupar wrote the screenplay for cult classic "Jingle All the Way"

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons aren't a good football team right now. There's a lot wrong and it's uncertain where they go from here. There will be plenty of time to break down this loss in the days ahead, but for now, let's talk injuries. The Falcons made it through the loss relatively unscathed.

Linebacker injuries were the name of the game today. In the first half, hard hitter Justin Durant left the game with a left ankle injury. He was deemed questionable to return, and they were working on him for a while. Then in the second half, Nate Stupar went down with head and neck injuries. Stupar was "evaluated" and eventually cleared, returning to the game. Durant never returned, with Phillip Wheeler taking his snaps. And ... that's about it.

One positive note, Dan Quinn noted in his post-game presser that Devonta Freeman will be back this week, assuming there aren't any setbacks. That's great news, given that Tevin Coleman can't stop fumbling.

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