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Falcons vs. 49ers Game Day Gathering at Stars and Strikes

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Make plans to join us on Sunday afternoon to (hopefully) celebrate a win over the Niners.

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If you haven't made it out to one of our Falcoholic Game Day Gatherings at Stars and Strikes in Sandy Springs, you're missing out. We've got a good group of Falcons fans getting together each week to enjoy the games together. Come on out this week and cheer the Falcons on as they and their allegedly weak defense take on the Blaine Gabbert-led 49ers!

This Falcons team has been a bit up and down, to say the least, and it's been nice to have the moral support of other Falcons fans as we wonder aloud what in the heck the Falcons are even trying to do. Nothing beats celebrating a win, even an ugly one, with fellow fans. Here's hoping we actually get the chance to do that on Sunday.

When: Sunday, November 8, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Where: Stars and Strikes, 8767 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Cost: Whatever you'd like to spend on food, drinks and/or games. There is no cost to attend.

RSVP so we know how many Falcoholics to expect.

Stars and Strikes is one of the best places for bowling in Atlanta, and it's the perfect venue to enjoy Falcons games. Bring the whole family, and if your kids get antsy during a three-hour game, they can bowl and play arcade games. Adults can enjoy great food and drinks from the Stars and Strikes menu and watch the game on one of many, many televisions positioned throughout this location. Stars and Strikes does have wifi available, so bring your laptop or other devices so you don't miss discussing the action in our game day open threads.

Stars and Strikes is also offering some extraordinary deals for Falcoholic readers who come to the viewing party. They're providing 15% off all food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased during the game!

And The Falcoholic is offering a special incentive for readers who RSVP and attend our Game Day Gatherings. Each time you RSVP and attend, you receive one entry for a drawing at the end of the season to win your very own Falcoholic t-shirt.

There is no cost to attend. The only cost involved is whatever you wish to spend on food and drinks. Be sure to RSVP so Stars and Strikes can be prepared for our group. We hope to see you there!