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49ers starting Gabbert this week because of Falcons' weaker defense, per report

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Them's (sort of) (not really) fighting words.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons will draw Blaine Gabbert this Sunday, and if you buy this report, it's for a reason that's at least semi-insulting to Atlanta.

For the record, the Falcons are 11th in yardage allowed, 13th in points per game, and tied for 7th in passing touchdowns allowed, with just 9. They are 25th in passing yards allowed, however, and they could be without Desmond Trufant and/or Robert Alford against the 49ers. In other words, with the qualifier in the second Tweet above, the 49ers are timing their decision fairly well. Whether it's a decision that actually helps their struggling offense is another question entirely.

This isn't particularly controversial—the Rams have a pretty terrific defense—but I recommend Dan Quinn prints out the first Tweet, ignores the second, and maybe implies that O'Brien Schofield is a silly name. Let's get these guys fired up to tear the 49ers apart.