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Matt Bryant injury: Falcons sign Shayne Graham, waive Joplo Bartu

We'll hope Bryant can still go Sunday against the Vikings.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This may just be a precaution, but it appears iron man kicker and all around unflappable dude Matt Bryant is dealing with an injury, and the Falcons will reportedly sign an option in case he can't go.

Bryant's had an atypical number of misses this year, but he's still a reliable kicker for the Falcons. We noted that he was limited on yesterday's injury report, but it's certainly surprising that he may not kick. Quad injuries are not ideal for someone who may be asked to boot the ball 40-plus yards in a pressure-packed situation, though, and it's in the team's best interest to make sure Bryant is fully healthy before they put him back out there.

If he can't, it sounds like the Falcons will turn to Graham, an up-and-down kicker who has had plenty of past success, but does not have Braynt's range and accuracy. He should be a capable enough stopgap for a week or two, assuming Atlanta doesn't ask him to launch any 53 yarders, but it's never ideal to have to turn to a street free agent at kicker.

Spare a thought for Bartu today, especially on Thanksgiving. He was an undrafted free agent who got into 39 games, put up 4.5 sacks, and generally played much better than his UDFA status would've indicated. I kept thinking the Falcons would elect to go with someone else at linebacker, but it's a testament to who he is as a player and person that he stuck around as long as he did. We wish him well, and hope he'll land on his feet somewhere very soon.

Here's hoping Bryant is healthy Sunday.