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Previewing the Vikings and talkin' 'bout Matt Ryan with the podcast crew

Special guests Arif Hasan and Jeanna Thomas spice things up this week.

When you're hitting the bottom of the barrel with a bunch of ugly losses in a row, there's plenty to dissect. We've got a terrific podcast this week, in other words.

The podcast kicks off with Falcoholic beat reporter and Patrick DiMarco ball enthusiast Jeanna Thomas, who joins our hosts to chat about Matt Ryan, Kyle Shanahan's offensive acumen, whether the most recent loss means the Falcons are doomed, and of course, Patrick DiMarco's balls.

This week's other special guest is Arif Hasan, a truly insightful Vikings fan and NFL analyst who writes breakdowns longer than Moby Dick and with twice as many references to whales. He talks about scuffling cornerback Xavier Rhodes, how Teddy Bridgewater is developing, and Adrian Peterson's dominance. If you're not already following him on Twitter, you're missing out on a tremendous football mind, so go fix that.

Your hosts, as always, are Aaron Freeman of FalcFans fame and our own Allen Strk. Don't miss out on yet another terrific podcast, and start your long Turkey Day weekend off the right way.

Click here to listen to the full episode

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