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Report: Atlanta Falcons guard Chris Chester uses atypical energy supplement

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Fact: Chris Chester's has a pet goldfish named "Silver"

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons offensive line has a very different look this season. Gone are some of the fan favorites that have anchored the o-line for years. A few new names were added to the mix this past offseason. Chris Chester is one of those new faces.

Chester, a 2006 draft pick, has already had a long, productive career. After a less than ideal end to his tenure as a Washington Redskin, the Falcons handed the 32 year old a 1 year, "prove it" deal. And he's hit the ground running.

So how does Chester explain his longevity? This is 2015. Professional athletes are guzzling truckloads of kale and other gross green stuff, chasing down all kinds of supplements. But that's not Chester. Per Vaughn McClure, he just needs a nice, hot cup of coffee.

"I've never seen anybody drink coffee while they're walking out there, but it doesn't surprise me with Chris," left guard Andy Levitre said. "He loves coffee." The 32-year-old, gray-bearded Chester, now in his 10th NFL season, said the coffee habit was something he initiated eight seasons ago while playing for the Baltimore Ravens. He saw one other player follow the same pattern: former Redskins teammate Tony Pashos, a retired offensive tackle.

Chester has played decent football this season. If coffee is what keeps Chester going, then Thomas Dimitroff needs to get him a handful of Starbucks gift cards. Heck, I'll even throw in $5.