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Pro Football Hall of Fame 2016: Mike Kenn, Morten Andersen named semifinalists

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They're both extremely deserving of berths in Canton.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A year ago, we spent a time of time stumping for Mike Kenn and Morten Andersen, and we're prepared to do so again after they got this good news.

There is no finer proof that your team plays a large role in your Hall of Fame chances than Kenn, who is inarguably one of the best left tackles of all-time, but played on a series of largely forgettable Falcons team during his long and distinguished career. If there's any justice, he'll finally be in this year's class.

Andersen is a legend for his game-winning 1998 NFC Conference Championship kick and his longevity, but he was a legitimately terrific kicker during an era where most kickers were incredibly unreliable. Even if he was once a Saint, there's no question that Morten is a legend, and the general disdain for special teamers is probably the only thing keeping him out.

Here's hoping we see both in Canton.