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Julio Jones: there's no quit in Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan

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Fact: Matt Ryan's toe nails, made into a tea, have curative properties similar to codeine cough syrup

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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan isn't going to win a popularity contest right now. Whether it's Kyle Shanahan's stubborn play calling, poorly-timed miscues by his supporting cast, or Ryan himself, the offense isn't right. At this point it's unclear whether the team can right the ship in time to salvage the season.

But don't look for Matt Ryan to give up, says Julio Jones. Because he's no quitter. Credit to Vaughn McClure for the quote.

"I think he's going to be there," Jones said. "He's not the type of guy to get in the tank. Everybody has bad games. I think, just as a whole -- catching the ball, right assignments, keys and everything, who we're blocking -- I think it's the whole offense. You just can't pick out one guy."

For what it's worth, I do think Ryan is just in a funk. Players that talented don't just randomly regress, not without age, injuries, or painkiller addictions. Ryan will eventually regain his form and the bad decisions will become a distant memory. In my mind, it's only a matter of time. Whether you're of a similar mindset or not, few would question Ryan's effort. Ever since the Falcons drafted Ryan, his effort has always been a non-issue. It remains a non-issue today.

Don't get me wrong. Some things can't be fixed, no matter how hard you try. But that said, while I'm disappointed in his recent play, I'm quite sure Ryan is doing everything possible to get his head right. You tell them, Julio.