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Falcons 14, Colts 7: Second Half Open Thread

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Well, this isn't terrible!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are heading into halftime with a lead, and it's a pretty good feeling. We've seen the team shake things up a little offensively, stretching the field with Julio Jones and targeting Roddy White early and often. We've seen Patrick DiMarco score two receiving touchdowns. We've seen the defense attacking the ball, with Paul Worrilow coming up with two early turnovers.

We've also seen some thing that aren't as fun. Matt Bryant missed a field goal attempt on the first possession after the offense stalled out almost instantly. There was another red zone turnover, a pick in the end zone. Devonta Freeman left the game with a concussion. The defense looked gassed on the Colts touchdown drive toward the end of the half.

But overall, the team looks a little sharper and a little more consistent so far, and here's hoping for more of the same in the second half. Discuss the rest of the game, and hopefully celebrate the eventual Falcons win, in the comments.