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Nate Stupar Mailbag: takes on tacos, what to expect after the bye, and more

Each week, Falcons linebacker Nate Stupar graciously shares his thoughts on the Falcons and life in general with the Falcoholic.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons linebacker and special teamer extraordinaire answers your questions each week about the Falcons, life in general, and his exceptional season so far. You can follow Nate on Twitter @thenastynate54, and check out his website, You can also like Nate on Facebook.

What are we going to see now after the bye?

Nate Stupar: You are going to see a fast and physical team. The bye week really helped us recover mentally and physically and also let us get back some key players. We can't wait to get back on the field to ball out the for our brothers.

Do you think Tyler Starr could add value to the defense?

Nate Stupar: Tyler Starr has been working very hard day in and day out trying to become the best version of himself. He's got tremendous talent and motor. He definitely adds value to this team. He's just waiting for his opportunity.

Hard or soft shell tacos?

Nate Stupar: Definitely hard shell tacos. I like breaking the shells and creating like a taco salad. I've been doing that ever since I elementary school.

Who lifts the most on the team, and whats your max bench and squat?

Nate Stupar: I don't really know who lifts the most on the team but I bet some of the offensive lineman and defensive lineman lift a lot. My bench max and squat? We really don't do single rep maxes so it's hard to tell.

What's the biggest advantage of the bye week?

Nate Stupar: The biggest advantage of a bye week is being able to recover. It's a great break in the season mentally. To get away and to forget about football for a while. It's definitely refreshing. Also it helps with our bodies to recover for the second half of the season. We are able to get back some key players and those little nick nack injuries that hang around have a chance to heal. So overall recovery is the biggest advantage of a bye week.