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Falcons vs Colts 2015: Who to Watch After Atlanta's Bye Week

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We had our week apart, but I need you, love. Here's who to watch after Atlanta's mini-vacation.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Leonard Hankerson, Wide Receiver

Atlanta's offense took a toll when Leonard Hankerson went down against Tennessee, and many of us didn't see it coming. It is apparent, however, that the loss of Hank has contributed to the lack of any vertical threat from the Falcons' offense. Leonard will finally make his way back to the field this week, and it's at a time that the offense needs some sort of confidence going into a stretch with Minnesota and four divisional games.

Vic Beasley, Edge Rusher

Vic has noticeably been struggling this season, as most rookies do, and will see different looks this Sunday versus the Colts. Beasley will be seeing more of the left side going forward, as was reported by Ledbetter and the AJC. Hopefully the tweaked role change will help him generate some pressure against the typically less talented pass protecting tackles.

Jake Matthews, Offensive Tackle

Speaking of tackles, second year left tackle Jake Matthews is having one hell of a year protecting Matt's blindside. Outside of the occasional miscue, Matthews has given Matt the first stable left tackle he's had in, well, ever. He'll be continuing his play this weekend against a Colts pass rush with only 13 sacks on the year. Look for Ryan to have a relatively clean jersey.

How do you see these guys playing out this week?