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Atlanta Falcons Bye Week Positional Review: Safety

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Fact: Ricardo Allen's breath smells like mint tea and tortilla chips

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The Atlanta Falcons secondary has struggled to stay healthy at times this season. That said, they've played surprisingly well as a unit. It's the bye week, and you know what that means: it's time for positional reviews. Dave drunkenly assigned me safeties. He kept staggering around, mumbling something about Willy Mo not being ready. I said, "Dave, put down that bottle of Peach Schnapps and let me do my job, dammit!" So let's get after it, shall we?

William Moore

This hasn't been Moore's best year. He's once again struggled to stay healthy, trying to play through a nagging groin injury. His performance on the field has been a mixed bag. Sure, there are glimpses of what he once was. And sure, the leadership and hard hitting is still there. But it's different now. While he's never thrived against the pass, teams are actively preying on him in the passing game. Bottom line, it's not been an ideal year for the former fan favorite who only played in seven games last year, is now on the wrong side of 30, and is set to receive potentially untenable raises over the next two years.

Grade: B-

Ricardo Allen

You really can't say enough about Allen. He started the season strong, sealing the Falcons' week one victory over the Philadelphia Eagles with an interception. He's an undersized, fifth round draft pick that was relegated to the practice squad as a rookie and then converted to free safety after the Dan Quinn hiring. But he's not playing like it. Allen has 30 solo tackles this year, the most on the team. He makes up for his lack of size with his enthusiasm, and his effort against the run has been outstanding. He's still a little raw and undisciplined at times, which has caused the coaching staff to pull him from the game a couple times. He's also been hampered by a knee injury, missing one game.

Grade: B+

Everyone Else

Robenson Therezie has made the most of his opportunities this season, and his interception sealed the Falcons' victory over the Titans. He's struggling to come back from a hamstring injury, but it appears the Falcons discovered a real diamond in the rough. Kemal Ishmael and Charles Godfrey have struggled to see the field this season. Ishmael did step up and play well against the Titans, creating pressure that led to Ishmael's game-winning interception. Godfrey is barely holding on, having been cut and re-signed by the Falcons once already this year. Not the role the former Carolina Panther had hoped for this season.

Grade: B

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