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Report: Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan couldn't care less what you think

Fact: Kyle Shanahan hates puppies

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hold onto your hats, Atlanta Falcons fans, because Kyle Shanahan isn't backing down. The embattled offensive coordinator has taken a lot of heat over the past month. He went from likely head coach candidate in the 2016 offseason to the Falcons fanbase's worst enemy. It's been quite the fall, especially for a guy that, in a single offseason, completely revamped the team's running game.

In truth, Shanny does not care what everyone else thinks. It's a cold, hard fact. Want more no huddle? Nope. Want some deep balls? No way. Want to give Julio a little rest and target some other guys? Too damn bad. Credit to Vaughn McClure for the quotes. Please read his entire article, if you haven't already.

"The main thing is, I don't think about balancing out passes," Shanahan said. "I think about trying to get the ball to Julio (Jones), for the most part"

Well I guess it's official. He just said what we figured he was thinking all along. I'll say this: at least he's honest. And as for Roddy, from Shanny's vantage point, he ain't what he used to be.

"Roddy is, in my opinion, probably the best receiver of my generation of guys I've studied," Shanahan said. "He doesn't have the same role on this team as he had when he was younger. We have other guys that we can go to. He's not always the No. 2 option."

Damn he's blunt. And to be frank, he's being a little arrogant here. But that's his style; that's how he rolls. That said, comments like these don't help his cause, especially when the offense has been so stagnant in recent weeks. If anything he sounds a little frustrated. Annoyed, if you will. Now if the offense suddenly finds its way, these comments will look far different in hindsight. It will look like he's calling his shot, Babe Ruth style. Your thoughts?