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FalcFans Podcast: Roddy White talk with Brian Finneran and Jeff Schultz

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Tune in for perspective on Roddy White and the Falcons offense.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons' offensive struggles have been widely documented and debated, and the apparent absence of veteran receiver Roddy White from the game plan is one of the most confusing things for fans at present. On this week's episode of the FalcFans podcast, the official podcast of The Falcoholic, Aaron and Allen are joined by former Falcons receiver and current Atlanta sports radio personality Brian Finneran to discuss these issues. Finneran also shares details about his own career, and much more.

Jeff Schultz, a sports columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, had a great piece yesterday on Roddy White's perspective on and off the field, and Schultz also joins the podcast to discuss the Falcons and White's role in the offense. Aaron and Allen also talk with Schultz about Vic Beasley, Kyle Shanahan and more.

There's also a preview of this Sunday's matchup with Indianapolis. Aaron and Allen discuss Dwight Lowery's return to Atlanta, what to expect from Matt Hasselbeck, and whether this is a must-win game for Atlanta.

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