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Falcons vs. Colts: Start Devonta Freeman, sit both defenses, and more fantasy advice

No-brainers abound in this one.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons return to fantasy relevance this week against the Colts, and despite their disappointing offensive performances the last few weeks, there's still plenty to like here. Let's run down who you should start and start from this Week 11 matchup.


QB Matt Ryan

There's a decent chance ballhawking safety Mike Adams will miss this game, and while the Colts have a quality secondary, that hurts. It's possible Ryan never snaps out of his fantasy funk this year, but I'll be bold and say he'll do so this week, with 300 yards and 2-3 touchdowns. Start him if you don't have an elite option.

QB Matt Hasselbeck

He's a competent quarterback with great receivers at his disposal, and if nothing else, the Colts will be passing in garbage time. Hasselbeck will likely put together a fine week for you and is a recommended desperation play.

RB Devonta Freeman

No-brainer. Indianapolis doesn't have a quality run defense, Freeman has to be seething after San Francisco managed to bottle him up in Week 9, and he's too good to be held in check for long. Look for a 100 yard game.

RB Frank Gore

I don't anticipate that Gore will have a great day on the ground, but he's a capable enough receiver and should get goal line work, making him a decent choice for a flex play or RB3.

WR Julio Jones

Sure, the Falcons will be getting Leonard Hankerson back and are promising more targets for Roddy White, but this is Julio. He'll have a big game.

WR T.Y. Hilton

Hilton will likely draw Jalen Collins or Phillip Adams a lot on Sunday, and he's got the talent to win that matchup. Most of the Colts receivers make fine Flex plays this week, but Hilton's the one to roll with, and the most likely to score.

TE Jacob Tamme

He should be good for 60 yards and potentially a touchdown again, and the tight end position remains sorry leaguewide. Start him with confidence.


Colts Defense

I anticipate Freeman will gash them, Ryan will have a better week against them, and so on. Not a recommended start.

WR Roddy White

I'd like to believe Roddy's going to get more targets and wreak havoc, but again, until I see it I don't recommend you play him in fantasy.

WR Leonard Hankerson

Will he be 100%? Probably not. Do we know, week-to-week, what kind of production he's going to have? Also no. I wouldn't chance it this week unless you're feeling like a gamblin' man.

Colts TEs

Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen should be better than they are, but Allen in particular is probably going to need to leave this offense to find success, because he's so far down on the pecking order. Worth a flier, maybe, but nothing more.

Falcons Defense

Because I anticipate Hasselbeck will throw for many yards and this game will be close, I also don't recommended playing Atlanta's defense. That pass rush isn't going to develop overnight.