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Predicting the Falcons' fortunes in the last seven games of the season

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We turn to our #elite roundtable to see how many games the Falcons will win over their last seven. Facing an easy late and with (almost) (we hope) nowhere to go but up, we're a little optimistic.

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Kendall Jackson

Record in Final 7: 5-2 Final Record: 11-5

I'm not too high on the Falcons following their back-to-back losses to Jameis Winston's Bucs and the Blaine Gabbert-led 49ers, but I'm having difficulty finding losses on the second half of the schedule. Granted, I also didn't see them losing to the two aforementioned teams. A loss to the Panthers is pretty much guaranteed and I think the other loss comes from the Vikings. If Andrew Luck were playing this Sunday, I'd chalk that up as a loss as well. Of course, this is all contingent on the Falcons being improved following a much-needed bye. Either way, this team should get a wild card berth unless something catastrophic happens.

Caleb Rutherford

Record in Final 7: 3-4 Final Record: 9-7

I guess I'm not surprised at the boundless optimism below and above, but until this team shows me it can win meaningful games, I can't predict that they are going to do so. The Panthers, however they've gotten to 9-0, are still the team to beat in the NFC and made us look silly in a win-or-go-home game last year. With the roll they're on plus the usual thing with Georgia Sports, who legitimately thinks we're going to stop them? The upstart Vikings won't go down easily, and we'll probably bumble away another game we should have won easily. Luckily for us, the NFC is a jumbled mess, and 9-7 could get us the 6 seed.

The DW

Record in final 7: 5-2 Final Record: 11-5
When it comes to the Falcons, I still tend to be optimistic and that isn't changing this year in spite of the recent slate of dysfunctional performances. I think the Falcons bounce back nicely next Sunday as the offense turns a corner against the Colts. I think the team drops one against the Vikings, but gets revenge against the Bucs. The game at Carolina feels like a loss to me, while the Jaguars should be another win. I do believe this team will beat the Panthers at home and finish the year with a win against the Saints, sending them to a wild-card berth.

Jake Bennett

Record in Final 7: 5-2 Final Record: 11-5

Atlanta will have a tough stretch coming up in the final 7 games with teams like Minnesota and Carolina making up almost half of the final games. I believe the Falcons will pick themselves up against a struggling Colts team with an injured Luck, and even snatch victory from the Vikings and Panthers as well. With that, I think this team's flaws will lead to losses in Carolina and Tampa, leaving Atlanta with the 5th seed. Dan Quinn and the Falcons should still find themselves in the postseason, and likely with a favorable matchup against the finest that the NFC East has to offer.

Dave Choate

Record in Final 7: 4-3 Final Record: 10-6

This is a bit of wishful thinking of my part, because I projected the Falcons to win 10 games before that ugly 49ers loss, and I'm hopeful they can scrape one together that I wasn't expecting. Make no mistake: This team is just good, not great, and they have some very limitations in terms of ability to rush the passer, throw the football effectively, and play complete games that will be magnified if they can't stay healthy and play mistake-free. I think they'll win more than they lose, squeak in as the 6th playoff team in the NFC, and we'll see what happens from there, but it all hinges on legitimate improvement coming out of the break.

Nathan Butler Jr.

Record in Final 7: 5-2 Final Record: 11-5

Originally entering the season, I had the Falcons finishing the season with 10 wins; however, I do feel with four of our final seven at home, this team can find a way to handle business at home even with their struggles in the past two weeks. Despite the lack of a pass rush, inconsistencies at times on offense, the Falcons are in a NFC Wild Card race with a comfortable lead. If Kyle Shanahan, Matt Ryan and company can get this offense back on all cylinder so, this is a 5th seed wild card team in January. Although I'm being cautiously optimistic, I do believe this Falcons team will be ready for the final stretch