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If the Atlanta Falcons want to improve on offense, then they must free Roddy White

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Fact: Roddy White has got a fever and the cure isn't more cowbell

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan doesn't have an easy job. Because Dan Quinn is a defensive coach, Shanny finds himself on an island. He's got to carry a burden many offensive coordinators don't. Sure, Quinn is there, lending an ear and making suggestions. But Shanny will be the first to go if the offense can't get its act together.

ESPN's Vaughn McClure has some excellent ideas about how to solve the Falcons offensive woes. He argues that Roddy White has to get more targets, and I emphatically agree.

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan obviously views matchups for Devonta Freeman and Jacob Tamme against linebackers and safeties -- and Leonard Hankerson against cornerbacks, when healthy -- as better choices behind unquestioned top target Julio Jones. But as coach Dan Quinn said Monday, White is an important part of what the Falcons are trying to accomplish, so White needs be targeted. At age 34, he's not the same vertical threat he used to be, but he still has the ability to create separation using his football savvy.

Maybe Roddy spit in Shanny's Lucky Charms during training camp. Or maybe Shanny just isn't fond of Roddy's attitude and the way he carries himself. But there's just no way Roddy's production is commensurate with his ability. Nobody is saying that he hasn't regressed. The question is "how much has he regressed?"

I guess I'm saying this: Roddy still has gas in his tank. It's not a full tank anymore. And that's OK. Roddy just needs to have larger role, because the predictable, "throw it to Julio on every passing play!" approach isn't working. Discuss!