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Where does Atlanta rank on offense and defense through ten weeks?

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All told, they stack up well against the rest of the league.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to dive in on the Colts in earnest starting tomorrow, because asking questions about the Falcons that are unrelated to a particular upcoming game becomes a bit of a bummer after a little bit, and I'm eager to see whether Atlanta can get back on track when they host Indianapolis. For today, though, let's continue to discuss where the Falcons stand before we consider their immediate future.

Here are the NFL's rankings on offense and defense, which provide a decent little snapshot of where the Falcons are after nine games.


Total Yards per Game: 5th
Passing Yards: 4th
Passing Yards Per Game: 5th
Passing Touchdowns: 19th
Rushing Yards: 10th
Rushing Yards Per Game: 15th
Rushing Touchdowns: T-1st
Total Points: 6th
Points Per Game: 9th
Turnover Ratio: 17th


Total Yards per Game: 23rd
Passing Yards: 25th
Passing Yards Per Game: 20th
Total Passing Touchdowns: 15th
Points Per Game: 13th
Rushing Yards: 9th
Rushing Yards Per Game: 2nd
Rushing Touchdowns: 31st
Total Points: 15th
Points Per Game: 13th

The funny quirk here: The Falcons are allowing a lot of passing yards, but their scoring defense is firmly middle of the pack. They're allowing very few rushing yards, but they're second to last in scoring allowed, with 9 rushing touchdowns. Bizarre.

The Falcons are, generally speaking, pretty effective on offense versus the rest of the NFL, though they have not done a great job of producing in the red zone. They're generally decent on defense, or at the very least better than a year ago. As we all know, both units have been trending in the wrong direction the last few weeks (particularly the offense), but there's enough talent and acumen here to get this ship turned around.