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Report: Saints fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan amidst disappointing season

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It's bittersweet for Falcons fans.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You all dislike the Saints, so I figured some Monday Schadenfreude would not be unwelcome.

Ryan's defenses have delivered a handful of standout performances and have been feisty against the Falcons, for reasons I cannot begin to fathom, but by and large he's presided over one of the biggest tire fire defenses in recent memory. The 2015 version of this defense might be the worst one we've seen yet, which is I guess what happens when you have but one or two legitimate pass rushers and a secondary cobbled together from string and shrimp. Mickey Loomis has worked magic for a long time now, but he wasn't able to deliver Ryan many quality pieces to work with, and Ryan certainly couldn't assemble those pieces into a working defense.

As a Falcons fan, though, this move is as significant for what it heralds as what it does for New Orleans this year. With Sean Payton rumored to be out after this season, the Saints in genuine cap hell once more, and stringing together two lousy seasons in a row, this is probably the end of the feared New Orleans teams that were constantly in the NFC South and NFC playoff picture over the last several years. I don't think we'll mourn the era's close, if so, though I enjoy the rivalry a lot more when both teams are good.