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NFL playoffs: Falcons have a two game lead for the last Wild Card berth

Don't mess it up, Atlanta.

The Cardinals charged out to an early lead against the Seahawks last night, and they managed to hang on for an important victory. I'm not referring to it as important because of what it means to Arizona, of course.

The Falcons are now a full two games up on a pretty pathetic group of NFC playoff hopefuls, with seven weeks left to go. They're behind the Green Bay Packers, but not by much, given that the suddenly scuffling Aaron Rodgers cover band is also sitting at 6-3. They are, in other words, in prime playoff position, or as prime as they could dare hope after their performance over the last month.

With the bye week in the books, it's time to stop talking about change and start looking for it. Atlanta's got an excellent shot to be playing for something in Dan Quinn's very first season, but it'll only take a couple of terrible weeks to erase the little lead they've built up. I don't know too many Falcons fans who are genuinely expecting a Super Bowl, but knowing this team is capable of contending and needs key additions is a hell of a lot better than watching them fade and thinking there's a huge amount of work ahead, even if there is a huge amount of work ahead.

So don't squander that two game lead, Falcons. Make us proud.