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2016 NFL Draft: given how 2015 has played out, will the Atlanta Falcons prioritize WR?

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Fact: Julio Jones' picture was recently added to the Webster's dictionary definition of the word "awesome"

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The 2015 Atlanta Falcons aren't dead. There are still seven regular season games ahead of them. If they win the majority of those games, a playoff birth is likely. These are irrefutable truths I'll start by acknowledging. But at some point, the 2016 offseason will arrive. And I'd like to talk about that for a moment. If you're solely focused on 2015, you may find this offensive. Fair warning given.

Going into 2015, the WR corps seemed like a real asset. We giggled and frolicked together in the comments sections of various pre-season threads, wondering which five or six WRs the coaching staff would settle on. "There's just too much talent!" we proudly exclaimed. It was a marvelous time. But alas, that feels like a distant memory now.

Julio Jones has a 96.7 Pro Football Focus rating, the second best among all NFL WRs. (The Pittsburgh Steeler's Antonio Brown has a 97.8 rating.) But even as Julio tops the charts, the rest of the WR corps has done very little to garner positive attention. In fact, despite the addition of Leonard Hankerson and the continued presence of the usually reliable Roddy White, the Falcons WR corps can't even crack PFF's top ten. (They appropriately refer to the Falcons' WR corps as a "one man show.")

The Falcons will undoubtedly look to bolster their defense in the draft. It's a given. And that's going to be their first priority. But at some point, they will need to supplement their offensive attack. That starts at WR. Justin Hardy may develop into a reliable target. The offensive line may improve in pass protection. But Hankerson will continue his inconsistent ways and Roddy will never again be the first down machine he once was. These are the days of our lives. Your thoughts?