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Chris Chester makes ESPN's All-Value team for 2015

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The veteran guard has held down the starting job through nine games while making a pretty reasonable amount of money.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Chester hasn't been the team's best lineman, but considering he's making $2.8 million, has started nine games, and has been a solid enough guard, he's easily been one of the team's best free agent  values. ESPN must agree, because Field Yates has listed Chester as one of their best values in the NFL. Note that an Insider subscription is required for the whole article, but you're not missing a lot of Chester-related content.

Chester is a good fit for what Kyle Shanahan wants along his offensive line, even if he's more solid than great in his age 32 season. With the Falcons likely shopping for some line help in the offseason, Chester's not a lock to return, but his familiarity with Shanny and his steady play this season could earn him another contract like this one, and potentially more recognition on a list like this. Chester is, weirdly, the only Falcons player here.

I guess I can understand why O'Brien Schofield and Ricardo Allen aren't on here, because they don't have the kind of production that screams "value me!" Even so, I'd argue they've been terrific values for this Falcons team, and some of the better values in the NFL. You can expect the Falcons to continue to bargain hunt in free agency in the years ahead to fill out their roster, so don't be surprised if this list contains a few more Falcons in 2016 and beyond.

Props to Chester.