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Projecting the Falcons' fantasy performances going forward

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Seven weeks left, and several Falcons are quality plays.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

How will the Falcons fare in fantasy over the next seven weeks? Here's our thoughts, and we welcome your projections.

QB Matt Ryan

After advising you to start Ryan almost all year, I have to temper my enthusiasm. He's been a middling fantasy option, and I'm not sure he's suddenly going to blossom into the fantasy asset I thought he'd be. I anticipate a better second half, but aside from a big game here or there, he can be shunted to the side if you've got more reliable options.

RB Devonta Freeman

I think he's headed for a bit of a course correction, if for no other reason than that defenses are going to key on stopping him. If the Falcons successfully open up the passing game again, I think he'll be able to be an RB1 the rest of the way, though I don't anticipate he'll score at an every game pace like he did before the bye.

RB Tevin Coleman

He'll ease his way in to more carries as time goes on, because his speed makes him an asset for the defense, but he won't be a fantasy asset. Better for keeper leagues.

WR Julio Jones

He's one of the best receivers in fantasy, he's primed for a big second half, and he may not even be human. Start him in every league, you fools!

WR Leonard Hankerson

If he's healthy,he's a decent WR3 or FLEX play, and I anticipate he'll be pretty involved in the passing game going forward. He's just not reliable enough to be more than that.

WR Roddy White

I hope Roddy makes us all look foolish over the last seven games, putting up numbers at his traditional pace

WRs Justin Hardy/Nick Williams/Devin Hester

None of them are worth having in fantasy. Hardy can step into a larger role and should be worth it down the line and Hester might be useful for a playoff push, but that's about it.

TE Jacob Tamme

Tamme is a terrific tight end play, particularly given the state of the position in the NFL. If you don't have a Tyler Eifert on your team, you won't do much better than him, and around 50-60 yards per game and a touchdown is not out of the question.

TEs Tony Moeaki and Levine Toilolo

Toilolo should be a red zone asset, but he hasn't been thus far, and Moeaki just isn't involved in the offense.

Falcons Defense

Worth taking, so long as you don't care that much about sacks. They get turnovers at a decent clip, they've largely held opposing offenses to reasonable totals, and they're not playing a ton of great offenses the rest of the way. Especially smart against Indianapolis and Minnesota, if you ask me.