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Which 2016 Falcons free agents should return next year?

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We've got a list of our preferred choices.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

You can find the full list of Falcons 2016 free agents at Spotrac. Below, we'll review the ones that I'm hoping will stick around.

Ricardo Allen

This is a no-brainer. He's an exclusive rights free agent, he's the starting free safety, and he's played quite well in 2015.

Adrian Clayborn

He's unlikely to command a big contract, he's been pretty effective for the Falcons in 2015,fits in nicely as a defensive tackle in nickel packages, and is young enough to grow. He hasn't been anything close to a great pass rusher, but if the Falcons manage to improve the defense in general, he could be more of an asset in 2015.

Leonard Hankerson

Hank Time has 22 catches for 291 yards and two touchdowns, and despite drops and injuries, he's been one of the team's best receiving options, and hasn't put up the numbers that suggest he'll be in hot demand heading into 2016.

Paul Worrilow

I don't know whether the coaching staff views him as a full-time starter going forward or not, but he's young, a team leader, and an asset against the run, either way. I'd be surprised if he didn't return in some capacity, particularly because he's a restricted free agent.

Ryan Schraeder

See above for Worrilow. We don't know if Schraeder will start next year, but he's got a pretty decent shot to, and he's an RFA.

Nate Stupar

He's shown himself to be a more capable backup linebacker than any of us would have thought, and he's a core special teamer for Keith Armstrong's effective unit. If he wants to come back, I expect he'll be back. Like the two above, he's a restricted free agent.

Akeem King

His contract is up after the season, but King has some upside and is on the active roster now. It seems likely he'll stick around if the coaching staff likes what they see from him over the last seven weeks of 2015.