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NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons descend into mediocrity

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Fact: Losses make Arthur Blank's mustache sad

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The Atlanta Falcons are in the midst of a bad month. They've played four bad games in a row, losing three of them. The solution is apparently in the works. But it's no surprise that fans and pundits are starting to lose faith in the team. Here are this week's power rankings:

SB Nation: #12

The Falcons continue dropping with another tough loss -- their third in four games -- this time to Blaine Gabbert and the struggling 49ers. In the last month, after starting out 6-0, Atlanta has lost to the Saints, Buccaneers and 49ers and narrowly beat the Titans, so the early season shine is starting to wear off. Hell, it might be completely gone. #8

Atlanta is at No. 8, only because of the Ben Roethlisberger injury (and the Raiders losing to his replacementLandry Jones). Still, we saw another brutal performance from the Falcons. Perhaps the biggest mystery in pro football is the erratic play of Matt Ryan. The second-biggest mystery: How does Ryan avoid criticism? His biggest play of the game was a deep ball heaved into double coverage toward Julio Jones at the end of the first half.

Yahoo Sports: #14

Shocking what has become of them. Their utter collapse is summed up by that horrible decision to kick a field goal down four points late in the game. I'm not sure why it's so hard for some coaches to figure this stuff out.

USA Today: #12

The bloom has come off for a team that is fortunate not to be mired in a five-game losing streak.

ESPN: #12

Falcons' past three games: won by three points against the 2-6 Titans in Week 7, lost by three to the 3-5 Buccaneers, lost by one to the 3-6 49ers.

Fox Sports: #13

In their last three games against the 49ers, Buccaneers and Titans, the Falcons have averaged just 15.3 points per game. That's after averaging 30.5 points per game in their first six.

It is what it is, Falcoholics. Nobody is underestimating us at this point. If anything, is erring by ranking us in the top ten. Discuss.