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SI's Doug Farrar takes an All-22 look at the Falcons' offense

An in depth look at why Atlanta's offense is firing on all cylinders.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed that we've been touching on a lot of stories by the national media about the Falcons over the past week or so. Wednesday's media availability at the team's facility in Flowery Branch was the most crowded I've ever seen. This team is rolling, and people are taking notice.

Much of the national press is focusing on the high-powered offensive attack, the creation of Kyle Shanahan, who has a wealth of talent at his disposal in Atlanta and is using it effectively. The offensive line, which seemed makeshift when they threw the starting five together prior to week one, is playing at a very high level. Julio Jones is wrecking defenses, and when he gets caught in double coverage, other guys are stepping up to make plays. Devonta Freeman has blown everyone away with his performance over the past couple of weeks.

Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated took an in-depth look at Atlanta's offensive attack over the first four weeks of the season and broke down the tape to identify the schematic elements behind the team's success so far. What stands out is that the Falcons have assembled personnel who fit the scheme, and Kyle Shanahan also makes really intelligent adjustments during games.

The other thing that's unique about Shanahan is that, while he his scheme is a fully realized concept, he's also flexible about making sure players are comfortable so they can perform at their best. He bends the scheme to suit the talent he has to work with rather than forcing square pegs into round holes.

The article in its entirety is worth reading. It's a quality breakdown of what's working well for Atlanta, and it really drives home the point that Kyle Shanahan was the right hire for the offensive coordinator role.

Your thoughts on Shanahan and the offense so far?