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Roddy White's back, Tevin Coleman's getting up to speed

In very positive news, the only player held out of today's practice was Justin Durant.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White returned to practice today after being excused yesterday to attend to a personal matter. White confirmed today that his mother had surgery, which went well, and that he needed to take yesterday to be with her in the hospital. The drama about White's statements earlier in the week about preferring catching the ball to blocking was a hot topic in the locker room today. White said the controversy is not really a controversy.

"My role is what it is. I've talked to DQ, and we've gotten past that," White said. "It's just certain things that just get out into the media and people just take it way too far, and I'm just on a positive note. We're 4-0, and that's what it is right now."

Dan Quinn confirmed prior to practice that the only player who would be held out today was Justin Durant. The team is eager to see what Tevin Coleman can do running full speed. Coleman is wearing a black practice jersey to remind his teammates to not hit him, but it's nice to see him on the field working. Devonta Freeman and Coleman should be a very nice tandem in the backfield.

With Devin Hester on short-term IR for turf toe, Eric Weems appears to still be the top choice for the return specialist role.

The team continues to have referees at every practice, and it was interesting to hear Dan Quinn instruct the refs on specific things he wanted them to look for and flag during practice.

Justin Durant was supposed to see the doctor about his elbow again today, so we should have more concrete information on that injury tomorrow.

We'll have the full injury report when it's released later this afternoon. In the meantime, discuss the injuries and your expectations for Sunday here.