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A pep talk: leave the Atlanta Falcons alone, dammit.

Fact: Kroy Biermann was once tardy for a party; it caused the Earth to shift on its axis

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't easy being an Atlanta Falcons fan. In fact, it's exhausting. But we're all here for a reason. We're all here because we've chosen this path.

32 teams. 32 options. You chose the Falcons. Sure, there's a certain amount of caution that's warranted when your team is 4-0. It makes sense to temper expectations, especially when, as a Falcons fan, you've been burnt before. Everything could blow up in epic fashion. It's happened before, and it could happen again. But what are we waiting for? What's the real hesitation? You hold your tongue. To me, it's just a waste of time. The time for confidence is now. The time to put your homer tendencies on display is now.

Let's face facts, there will never, ever be a guarantee. There's not going to be some sort of preseason crowning ceremony where Roger Goodell stumbles on stage, mildly buzzed after a few gin and tonics, proclaiming the Falcons as Super Bowl champions. Assuming it happens at some point - and dammit, it will happen at some point - it's going to look a lot like this.

So sure, I could take the cautious path. Instead of talking smack to all my football-loving friends, I could keep the excitement to myself. In the end, if the Falcons come up short, I look reasonable, measured. But who freaking cares? I don't. I certainly don't.

Look, this is only my perspective. I don't really get the urge to withstand the hype. A pep talk seemed to be in order. So there you have it - do with it what you will. Your thoughts?