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The Falcons are 4-0, and the FalcFans podcast has no worries

The podcast crew is in a good place this week after yet another Falcons win.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of things Falcons fans could fret over, but why? The team is undefeated, and the mood on the official podcast of The Falcoholic is

On this week's edition of the podcast, join Aaron Freeman of FalcFans and The Falcoholic's Allen Strk as they take you through a joyful journey into the distant past, when the Falcons absolutely whooped the Texans in the Georgia Dome on Sunday. This week's guest is none other than Kendall Jackson, erstwhile Falcoholic writer, recap artist, and poet.

The trio breaks down top performers and key takeaways, the bizarre Derek Newton strip of Arian Foster, Brooks Reed's glorious hair, and the team's emerging secondary. Then the discussion moves into the Washington game, the fortunes of Kirk Cousins, and whether this 2-2 team stands a chance against the newly mighty Falcons.


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