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Falcons 28, Texans 0: Second Half Open Thread

This sure is a lot of fun so far.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have dominated -- absolutely dominated -- the Texans in all three phases of the game so far. Devonta Freeman looks unstoppable. The defense has several turnovers, including a nice scoop-and-score from Desmond Trufant. It's a complete shutout so far, and it's glorious to behold.

One thing this team has yet to do is play four full quarters of inspired football. As Falcons fans, we're conditioned to dread the third quarter, but this is a new team with a new attitude and level of focus. Here's hoping we see two more quarters of quality play.

What are your thoughts on the game so far, and what do you expect in the second half? Discuss it in the comments.