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How many wins will it take to win the NFC South in 2015?

The Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers are the teams most likely to win the division, but how many wins will it take?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We'll break down the Falcons' second half schedule early next week, and we'll certainly have reason to re-consider this question after the Falcons-Buccaneers game tomorrow, but it's still something that's been rattling around in my head all week. How many wins will it take to grab the NFC South crown in 2015?

It's a relevant question primarily because the Falcons and Panthers are currently so close, with the Falcons at 6-1 and the Panthers at 6-0.That means it's very unlikely to be a repeat of the woeful 2014 season, where the division-winning Panthers didn't even have a winning record, and it's very likely that a team with double digit wins in this division is going to be stuck with a wild card.

My gut tells me the winner of the South is going to have 12 victories this year, just looking at both teams' schedules and hazarding a guess at their likely record. I welcome your thoughts on the matter.

I don't give you all nearly enough open threads, so consider this your debate thread and college open thread for the day. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!