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Former scouts debate the better RB: Devonta Freeman or Todd Gurley

Two former NFL scouts discussed which of two young running backs they would want on their team.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons had their shot at selecting both Devonta Freeman and Todd Gurley. They picked up Freeman in the 4th round of the 2014 draft. The next year, they passed over Gurley so they could draft Vic Beasley.

Many felt that selecting a running back, especially with the 8th overall pick, is more of a luxury than a way to properly build a team. Additionally, Kyle Shanahan has shown an ability to get ridiculous performances out of late round and undrafted running backs. Freeman now leads the league in rushing after starting only five games.

However, a small but vocal, and sometimes nasally minority felt that Gurley was one of the best players in the draft. Now that Gurley is healthy, he has shown that he has the physical abilities to be a dominant player in the league.

Well, now Bucky Brooks and Daniel "Move the Sticks" Jeremiah debate who is the better running back.

This is an interesting video, but there is some really questionable reasoning used to support some of the mentioned premises.

After all of the debate, especially now that we have seen both players on the field, there can really only be one true best running back: the winner of this poll!