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Justin Hardy will make his regular season debut Sunday, per ESPN

It's a big deal for Justin Hardy, and if it helps solve the team's receiving woes, a big deal for the Falcons.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With Leonard Hankerson looking likely to miss Sunday's game and Nick Williams also dealing with an injury, it appears Justin Hardy will make his regular season debut. Vaughn McClure at ESPN has a worthy source for this one.

The numbers game alone suggests that Hardy should be out there, but it's also time for the Falcons to try something new at wide receiver. Hank Time seemed to be the only receiver besides Julio Jones who was consistently able to fight his way open, and while Roddy White and Nick Williams are capable of nice grabs, they're relatively few and far between. Hardy has some upside, and while he's not likely to solve the team's receiving woes, he's got a chance to be a contributor. The team needs contributors.

If this is Hardy's first game, we warmly welcome him to the active roster. May he win our hearts, catch 10 passes for 150 yards, and score three touchdowns.