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Devonta Freeman wins NFC Offensive Player of the Month

This running back has come a long way.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It was just barely a month ago when Tevin Coleman fractured his ribs against the New York Giants. RB Devonta Freeman became the team's starter. What followed was one of the most impressive stretches of nearly any running back. While we know Freeman leads the league in yards, and is in many impressive statistical categories, the league has noticed Freeman as well.

In his rookie season, Freeman was purely a backup. This season, he was expected to receive more snaps but remain a backup. He has an insane 9 touchdowns and 825 yards from scrimmage in the last five games. Freeman has fit Kyle Shananhan's offense like a glove, and he looks like a rare mid- to late round gem for this team.

Despite additional defensive focus on the run game, Freeman has rushed for at least 4.6 yards per carry each week. Including 7.7 yards per carry against the Saints.

Congratulations to Freeman on his impressive award, and we expect the accolades to continue.